Gospel Outreach with Media

hosted by the Christ in Media Institute at Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato, Minnesota, USA
coordinated by Tom and Judy Kuster

Flags of countries of people participating while this conference was open for discussion


This fall 2016 conference is the second hosted by CMI. The first is still available to visit at 2016.gowm.org. This conference, like the first, is designed for anyone interested in these three intertwining motifs: the Gospel, Outreach, and Media. By each we mean...


How God rescued us and all the world from sin and eternal death through the redemptive work of His Son Jesus Christ.


Taking this message beyond our circles of Christian believers out to the world of those who do not have saving faith in Christ.


Using God's gifts of media and technology to carry this message to large audiences in the United States and around the world.

How to participate in the conference

  • Participation is free. You may, if you wish, help defray conference costs. Learn how here.
  • Scan the index of presentations below. Note those of special interest to you.
  • To "attend" a session, just click on the title, and you will be taken to the presentation. It may involve text, images, audio, video, or combinations of these.
  • We encourage you to join the discussion. At the bottom of each presentation page, you will find a place for posting comments, questions, and suggestions. Presenters will be monitoring the discussion, and may answer your question or respond to your comment.
  • We especially hope that students (high school, college, and seminary) will participate actively in the discussion. Of course, anyone else may do so too.
  • If you are posting questions/comments, please glance through previous posts to determine if that question has been asked before.
  • Note the location names at the very top of each page. Clicking on a name will take you directly to that location.
  • Return to the conference as often as you wish to follow the discussions.
  • Remember that there may be people attending this conference for whom English is not their first language. Each page has a link enabling translation into many languages.

The Conference will be closed to further postings after three weeks, on Reformation Day, Monday, October 31. After the Conference closes, the presentations and discussions will be permanently archived for you to read at any time.

Send comments on the overall conference, or problems, to the coordinators.

The usual disclaimers

  • Please ask questions that are relevant to the papers and refrain from developing a personal topic or agenda. We expect participants to remain cordial. The coordinators of the conference retain the right to delete any posts considered inappropriate. Anonymous inflammatory posts will be deleted.
  • Contributors to the conference are solely responsible for the information they provide. The Christ in Media Institute and Bethany Lutheran College cannot be responsible for nor can we attest to the accuracy or efficacy of the information others provide.

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